James Michael Stevens
Composer - Arranger - Music Professor

Released July 2015 - Relaxing & Romantic Piano, Vol. III

Welcome to my Web Site! This has been created for my friends, those interested in my music, or those interested in finding out more about the Music Department at Welch College in Nashville, TN where I am a faculty member and live. I hope this will be helpful for those who want more information about my music compositions and creative endeavors.

July 2015 - Relaxing & Romantic Piano, Vol. III released at Sheet Music Plus and JW Pepper.

JAN. 2015 - Relaxing & Romantic Piano, VOL. II released at Sheet Music Plus and JW Pepper.

JAN. 2015 - Returned to Seoul, Korea to lead a Music Conference at Sunmin Music among other music opportunities. Was an exciting trip!

DEC. 2014 - "Like a Dream Flying By" CD released Dec. 10, 2014 on Amazon.com. It is also available at iTunes and the actual piano music at JW Pepper and Sheet Music Plus.

DEC. 2014 - Out of more than 16,500 piano works, two of my piano books were listed as the top sellers at Sheet Music Plus, the world's largest sheet music dealer. #1 Sacred Moments at the PIano & #2 Relaxing & Romantic Piano.

OCT. 2014 - Named as permanently featured artist at Real Piano Music .com

JAN. 2014 - PRINTED EDITIONS of my recent Piano Books NOW available at JW PEPPER including "Romanza of the Heart," "Winter Serenade... Come Home," "Images of Sarang," and "Relaxing & Romantic Piano." CLICK TO ORDER

WINTER SERENADE PIANO CD released Oct. 28, 2013

Here you can find out information about my Piano Books/CDs, my new Pandora Station, and my Free Improvisational Downloads that are used around the world. 

In 2013, I released two piano books/CDs, "Romanza of the Heart" and "Winter Serenade... Come Home" which both contain 26 original songs and are available on iTunes, Amazon.com, Sheet Music Plus and many other dealers.

The song I co-wrote with Joseph M. Martin, "Without Love... We Have Nothing," continues to be an international sensation with more than 200 different commercial CDs containing it being recorded already in South Korea, China, Japan, the U.S., Europe and more than 450 performances of Without Love on YouTube. It is now being sold and exported all over the world in virtually every musical format. Mr. Jang W. Choi is now exclusively representing our "Without Love" in South Korea.

Thank you for visiting my web site.

James Michael Stevens

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Click play below to listen to a playlist of 27 original songs in Relaxing & Romantic Piano, Vol. II which were all written in 2014. Now available at Sheet Music Plus and JW Pepper.

Music of James M Stevens Music ASCAP now available for CD licensing at Harry Fox.

Click play below to listen to a playlist of 26 of my most relaxing and romantic original piano pieces, Relaxing & Romantic Piano available at Sheet Music Plus and JW Pepper: