Modulating 4 over 5 chord

Modulating 4 over 5 chord

Using the 4 chord with the 5 in the bass for successfull modulation

This is a two part example where I show the 1, 4, 5 chords in every key along with the 4 chord with the 5 in the bass. The 4/5 chord is highly useful in modulating to different keys in a contemporary fashion. I then show ways to use the 4/5 chord from the key of C to every other key emphasizing common tones and the 4/5 chord to make the transition.

Created this file for a improvisation workshop in Ft. Worth, TX in July, 2014. Memorize these chords in every key and study the transistions to make your own!

Modulatiing 4 over 5 chord

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