Without Love, Kay Werho (Kyeong-ju Jeong)

Without Love, Kay Werho (Kyeong-ju Jeong)

Far East Broadcasting Corporation

On the CD entitled, “The Best Gospel Songs,” Kay Werho (in Korea known as Kyeong-ju Jeong) performs a beautiful rendition of “Without Love… We Have Nothing.” Here is a link to the CD. It is the blue one that is the fourth one down.

Mrs. Werho is a music consultant with Far East Broadcasting Corporation (Korean) (English). This whole CD is wonderful collection CCM songs which are performed with inspiration, devotion, and a sense of worship. I encourage you to purchase this CD from FEBC and support the wonderful work they are doing to spread the gospel!

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Kay Werho travels all over the world, though she primarily ministers to Korean
congregations. In Korea, she has had many opportunities to share Christ in
civic, government, and military organizations, as well. The American
Ambassador to Korea had her sing the U.S. National Anthem at the biggest
game of the 2002 FIFA World Cup – the US vs. Korea. She is also a best selling author of the book, “God Did It.” Her husband, Ken, is a chaplain with the U.S. Army.

Thanks to FEBC in Korea for sending me a copy of this wonderful CD!

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